By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Jaelen Strong gets released, Will Fuller returns to practice, TrainWreck Tuesday, JJ Watt is being called overrated by a troll, Deshaun Watson is drawing criticism from scouts, Huston Nutt joins the show and more.

Mike and Seth discuss the end of Jaelen Strong’s tenure as a Texan and the disaster going on in New York with the Giants.

We don’t want to jinx it, but it looks like Jose Altuve will end the Houston MVP drought. Plus, the Texans prepare for their matchup against the two touchdown favorite Patriots.

Zeke Elliot was the main story of the offseason for stuff off the field, but now he is drawing a lot of criticism for his effort (or lack thereof) on the field.

There’s a member of the national hot take media who says JJ Watt is the most overrated athlete in all of sports. The person who said it isn’t surprising, but is the statement valid?

Mad Radio goes through the NFL two weeks into the season and says which team’s playoff hopes are already over.

Mad Radio goes through all of the chaotic situations around the world of football in today’s edition of Trainwreck Tuesday which features Chuck Pagano, Doug Marrone, Coach O and more.

Former head coach and current CBS college football analyst Huston Nutt joins Mad Radio to discuss the landscape of college football and what he thinks Tom Herman’s next move needs to be following UT’s loss to USC.

Should Kyrie Irving have talked to LeBron before demanding a trade and does this theory apply to the real world? Mad Radio discusses…

Will Fuller returned to practice yesterday, but are we sure that he can make an impact? Mike and Seth discuss this as well as the release of Jaelen Strong.

Deshaun Watson is getting a lot of criticism from NFL experts following the first start of his NFL career.

Mike Meltser says that if the Colts get the No. 1 overall pick again he’s going to flip out.


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