Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – After the final out was recorded Sunday afternoon, and after a lap around the field high-fiving and celebrating with the fans, the Houston Astros retreated to the locker rooms where a party ensued.

With the A.L. West won, the Astros danced and grooved to music while spraying each other with champagne and beer.

“It’s a special feeling,” Josh Reddick said when asked to describe the emotion in the locker following the clinch. “There is really no way to replicate it, or duplicate it, no matter how many of these you do, they always get exciting and they’re always fun and as (you) can see, you just got to let loose, you gotta have fun cause it could always be your last.”

While the Astros do have a lot of veterans who have been on some very good teams and have clinched divisions before, it’s not the case with a number of younger Astros who are experiencing this for the first time.

“You don’t take this for granted,” Brain McCann said. “I won my first year in the big leagues and you think you are going to do it every year, and you don’t, this is an honor, and it doesn’t come around every year, you love it, you embrace it, and you get ready for the playoffs.”

The Astros will party and celebrate the completion of step one, winning the division, however, they know they more need to be accomplished.

“There is an attitude in this clubhouse, that what we accomplished today is great, but it’s not our goal,” general manager Jeff Luhnow said. “Our goal is three more of these at some point later in October.”


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