By John P. Lopez
by: John Lopez (@LopezOnSports)

The Houston Texans have some issues.  That much is obvious after their 29-7 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

Here are 15 things that are wrong with the Texans right now and most of them point right to Rick Smith (in no specific order):

– Did not equip the offense with a line worth a crap.

– Did not renegotiate Duane Brown, after doing the same for other Pro Bowlers.

– Re-signed Fiedorowicz, who had two concussions in 6-8 months. Fiedorowicz now has had a third concussion and is out two months.

– Benched Tom Savage after 31-plays despite naming him the season starter, barring injury.

– Chose G Jeff Allen over G Brandon Brooks.

– Let C Ben Jones walk.

– Signed Jay Prosch, who did not play in Game One.

– Traded up to draft Louis Nix, who no longer is on the team.

– Has seen Savage’s agent roast the entire organizational philosophy.

– Has seen Brian Cushing suspended for the second time in his career. Despite moving on from players like Arian Foster, Andre Johnson and Chris Myers.

– Benched a starter QB 16 times in 53-games.

– Did not draft Derek Carr. Instead drafted Xavier Sua-Filo, who has been overmatched.

– Gave up on a $72 million free-agent quarterback, who was inept.

– Gave up a 2nd-round pick and two 1st-round picks in getting rid of Brock Osweiler.

– Do not own a 1st- or 2nd-round pick for the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft.