Sean, Rich, and Ted open the show reacting to Justin Verlander’s great start last night against the Angels.


Sean, Rich, and Ted talk with Houston native and MLB Network host Robert Flores about the Astros down the stretch of the baseball season, Justin Verlander’s last start, the Texans getting blown out by Jacksonville, the Houston Cougars win over Arizona, and more.


Sean, Rich, Ted, and Laura Reynolds give listeners on the text line advice on love, work, and life in general. Damn Straight Advice happens every Wednesday.


Stupid people, doing stupid things. Sean, Rich, and Ted mock them during All Due Respect. Included is a story about an 83-year old grandpa who pushed a man involved in a police standoff off his roof.


Sean, Rich, and Ted react to the breaking news that Texans linebacker Brian Cushing has failed a second PED drug test and will be suspended for 10 games.