By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Reaction from the Texans 29-7 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the season opener.

Seth Payne sounds off on Bill O’Brien, the Texans offensive line and everyone else that looked terrible for the Texans in their season-opening loss. Plus, Mike wonders how this gets better.

Jalen Ramsey, a key member of the Jacksonville defense that dominated the Texans, believes that Deshaun Watson should have been the Texans starter from day one. Mad Radio discusses his comments and if they agree.

Mad Radio breaks down the offensive side of the ball and Bill O’Brien’s handling of it during his tenure as Texans head coach and in the opening week of the 2017 season.

Bill O’Brien is handling quarterbacks like a college coach and Mike Meltser is annoyed it and wonders what in the heck the point of training camp was.

Mad Radio goes through the biggest stories from the loss to Jacksonville including some alarming statistics and quotes from both locker rooms.


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