By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: The debut of Justin Verlander, Mark Brunell discusses the Jaguars and Deshaun Watson, insight on the ongoing battle between Ezekiel Elliot and the NFL, John McClain’s weekly visit and Marcus Mariota propaganda continues to come in bulk.

Mike and Seth discuss Justin Verlander’s debut as an Astro and Seth’s internal clock is still struggling.

Mike and Seth discuss Mark Brunell’s comments from earlier in the show about Tom Savage and Deshaun Watson and Landry asks the guys if Savage is being sacrificed behind a shaky offensive line.

Mike and Seth discuss the latest fabrication by a company staple that hints that the Rockets could have moved if the right person didn’t buy the team. Plus, are there legitimate injury concerns for the Texans before the season has even started?

Landry tells Seth what he learned about Mike and Paul Gallant during a road trip which leads to a discussion about a potential generational influence in the industry.

A friend of the show had some very in-depth harsh words for the Texans offensive line and even went far enough to say he doesn’t know how they can play with the unit. Mike and Seth react and discuss if the criticism is valid.

John McClain joins Mad Radio to discuss the latest on Duane Brown and if Brown wants to play for another team.

Marcus Mariota Propaganda has been very high this offseason. Mike Meltser reads tales about the Titans quarterbacks and tries to convert Seth Payne onto the most crowded offseason bandwagon.

Mad Radio and John McClain discuss Savage’s past injury history and if it’s fair to label him for it. Plus, callers weigh in on Duane Brown and a strange tale about Arian Foster.

9-6 Mad Takes: McClain On Tom Herman And More Exposed DM Sliding

CBS legal expert Amy Dash joins Mad Radio to give insight and information on the ongoing battle between Ezekiel Elliot and the NFL.

Seth Payne’s former teammate Mark Brunell joins Mike Meltser and Seth Payne to preview Jaguars-Texans, discuss the ideal situation for Deshaun Watson and how TomCoughlin hasn’t changed a bit.


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