Sean and Rich discuss the news that Tilman Fertitta will be buying the Houston Rockets.


Sean and Rich discuss their hopes for and expectations of Justin Verlander as he makes his first start in Seattle for the Astros Tuesday night.


Stupid people, doing stupid things. Sean and Rich mock them during All Due Respect. Stories included Panera Bread workers calling customers bad names on receipts.


Sean and Rich play Six Words To every Tuesday. Brock Osweiler said returning to Denver as a backup was a top 5 or even 3 moment of his life, they asked texters to send in what other life events made that list.


Sean and Rich talk with NFL Films producer and Hard Knocks showhead, Ken Rodgers, about the finale of this season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and how they would handle a hurricane if the city they were in was hit during filming.



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