By Landry Locker

Today On Mad Radio: Reaction to the cuts the Texans did and didn’t make, anticipation for Week 1 of the NFL season, a big next couple days for the Astros, the Rockets are sold, college football is a disaster in Texas and more.

Over the weekend Duane Brown said he wanted to play football in 2017, but does he wants to play for the Texans?

Mike and Seth discuss Tom Herman and Kevin Sumlin’s losses to start the 2017 season and how each fan base is feeling one week into the season.

Mike and Seth breakdown the cuts the Texans made to get the roster down to 53 and what moves surprised them the most.

Mike and Seth go through the biggest storylines heading into Week 1 of the Houston Texans 2017 season including a matchup people aren’t talking enough about.

Mike and Seth go through the worst case scenarios for the 2017 Houston Texans and what rock bottom could look like.

Mike and Seth look at the next two days for the Astros and how important Verlander and McCullers are to the final stretch of the season as the Astros look to bring a World Series to Houston.

Mike and Seth visit the annual Why Your Team Sucks Texans edition, but first news breaks that the Rockets have been sold to Tilman Ferttita.

Mike and Seth discuss the latest on Ezekiel Elliot, Mike Leach’s thoughts on life and more in today’s edition of Mad Takes.

John Harris joins the show to discuss the roster cuts the Texans did and didn’t make and if he’s surprised by the decisions at kicker and in the secondary.


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