By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Mad Radio returns to it’s normal schedule and attempts to begin the long process of returning to normalcy in the city of Houston as the community continues to deal with the impact of Hurricane Harvey.

Mike and Seth discuss JJ Watt’s efforts the last few days and discussion over an award race that Houston definitely lose results in the first laugh since Hurricane Harvey arrived in Texas.

Mad Radio discusses the petty drama between the Astros and Rangers and why both sides could have handled the situation better.

Mad Radio takes a look at the Texans offensive line and just how bad it is. Also, some guys around the league are weighing in on how bad the line is.

The Houston Astros and Texans look to return home following the devistation of Hurrican Harvey. Mike and Seth take a look at where both teams go from here.

Mike, who is NOT a boxing expert, which he has said 100 times, discusses Saturday night’s fight and if it was worth his money.

Mike and Seth return to the air amidst the ongoing tragedy of Hurricane Harvey.

Who and what are you mad at? Mad Radio’s Screw Em, 8-31 Edition.

Mike and Seth look at the news around the NFL including why Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have an NFL gig.


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