HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – The Houston Independent School District announced on Wednesday that they will provide three free meals to their all of their students during the 2017-18 school year. This was made possible after receiving approval from USDA and the Texas Department of Agriculture to waive an application  process for the National School Lunch/Breakfast program.

The decision comes in the wake of the devastation created by Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. Despite the federal waiver, HISD is still asking parents and guardians to complete and return the application. The National School Lunch/School Breakfast Program applications and surveys are available at https://mealapps.houstonisd.org. T The information received in the forms helps the district to secure funding and track student data.

“The flooding that is affecting the city of Houston has been devastating to so many.  Some of the areas that are the hardest hit are filled with working parents whose limited funds will need to go toward recovery efforts,” said Houston ISD Superintendent Richard Carranza. “This waiver will give our families one less concern as they begin the process of restoring their lives. It will also provide a sense of normalcy by allowing students to have access to up to three nutritious meals each and every school day.”

According to the release, HISD certified 191 schools to participate in the Community Eligibility Program — giving nearly 123,955 students access to free lunch and breakfast. Just last week, the Texas Department of Agriculture approved the district’s application to offer free supper to all of the district’s students. This latest announcement supports the district’s goals of reducing food insecurity and providing food to as many students as possible.

“It will take months, possibly years for the city to recover. We expect families to be displaced, students to attend new schools, and many of them possibly using alternative ways to travel to and from school,” said Nutrition Services Officer Betti Wiggins. “We want to reduce any stress connected to food while families work toward getting their personal affairs in order. All HISD students will have access to good food, made with as many local and fresh ingredients as possible and served with love and a smile.”

The waiver will take effect immediately, allowing students to take advantage of free meals when school resumes.

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  1. Stupid people. There is NO such thing as a free meal.

    1. Pete Dosado says:

      of course nothing is free and the people of Houston and other affected areas welcome your willingness to donate food to the students while their hard hit parents try to get their house back in order! But if you wish, you can donate more to the Red Cross, Salvation Army and Samaritans Purse! Again thank your for your kindness!

  2. How about a little payback for the obscene hate on the Left? No ! Nobody gets a free meal if you voted for the pantsuit criminal hillary. NOBODY! How about some of your own medicine, Lefti fascists?

  3. Popcicle says:

    Then they had better lower the food stamp benefit amount. Otherwise, the taxpaying citizens are going to be defrauded again by paying more than necessary to families that already seem to be taking huge advantages over those paying for their groceries. The new cars, $300 hair weaves and $200 dye jobs and $200/mo fake nails are a bit much for the average taxpayer to bare when seeing these people at the grocery checkout paying with their EBT card! The system is so damn crooked now I figured it couldn’t get much worse. Oh how wrong I was.

  4. Thomas Ford says:

    Once these feel good programs start, ways are found to defraud and take advantage of it.

    It’s just in some human’s nature to steal and exploit somethiing that was given as a charity.

    Last hard question is, how does it get brought to it’s end…..and when?

  5. Why is the government always a knee jerk reaction to be Santa Claus. Why not for next 3 months. Access situation and go forward. 6 months from now all will be back to normal for not all but most of these people.

  6. There is no such thing as a free meal. Someone is paying for it.

  7. MSM is right on this Harvey disaster aye?

    Spot light Lazer focus on Melania’s shoes?
    While people are dieing….

    Nice classic journalism from the Left stream
    Media. You are discusting. You’ll pay for this

    Go Trump haters. Show us your hate.
    Keep it going.

    You make Trump GREAT!

  8. This is strictly for the feral animals and illegal immigrants.

  9. Never let a crisis go to waste. Liberals sitting around trying to figure out another way to spend our tax dollars. Three meals a day; are clothes next?

  10. Outside of a temporary emergency situation, those who depend on the govt to feed their children are beyond pathetic.

  11. greatgosh says:

    Good luck getting rid of that program after the water recedes.

  12. Jeff Smith says:

    The most basic duty in the world is feeding your children. If you can’t do that, you are a miserable parent. THREE MEALS A DAY Mandatory kindergarten, Pre-K, before and after school care – All part of the lib goal of Cradle to Grave indoctrination.

    It does NOT TAKE A VILLAGE to raise a chilid!! It takes a MOM AND a DAD!

  13. Joe Stearne says:

    I can remember my mom and dad providing 3 meals a day at home and school was striclty for learning stuff…… I guess im old fashion…

  14. Government attempt at controlling the people yet again.

  15. Where are the working fathers of these children? Why aren’t they finding the parents of these kids to determine why they are not able to feed their own children??? IF many of the parents stopped buying Swisher Sweets, weed, booze, and drugs with their kid’s lunch money, society would not have to bear this burden. By the way, what is the race of Nutrition Services Officer Betti Wiggins.


    Really? I thought so.

  16. David Robson says:

    Where/when I went to school, floods, fires and cyclones affected our people every year and the lunch we had (everyone) was what we brought from home. Even if we had to take a boat, wade, walk or ride a mule if we wanted to eat we brought lunch from home. And we ate breakfast at home before school and we ate dinner at home after school.

  17. When Drudge links an article, its flock of loons arrive.

  18. Jeff Morgan says:

    Did I miss something, doesn’t Houston have other “issues” to deal with right about now? As I see it if you can’t feed your own kids with all the free stuff already you should simply relinquish the kids up to foster care or state care as it is obvious you personally are a waste of an individual.

  19. What an outstanding use of our tax dollars!!!!

  20. Nothing is free, especially not freedom. Our government is stealing money from one group of citizens (the tax-payers) to give to other citizens (the free-loaders). This is what Obama called “wealth redistribution,” and the Lefties think it is their “right” to take from the haves and give to the have-nots. This redistribution requires taking even more of our freedom in the guise of “helping” us by making us wards of the state. No thank you; I’d rather be free to feed myself!

    I had thought this article would be about helping the flood victims, but it is merely about our government using the flood as a pretext to permanently misappropriate even more of our tax money.

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