The Harris County Flood Control District announced on Sunday night that they will have to open the Addicks and Barker reservoirs to relieve some of the pressure on Monday morning.  Because of these releases, voluntary evacuations are being issued for people who live near the two reservoirs.

Col. Lars Zetterstrom of the Army Corps of Engineers said water will likely be released around 2 a.m. Monday from the Addicks Reservoir Monday and around 2 a.m. Tuesday from the Barker Reservoir.

The release will cause 4 to 6 inches per hour to flow both upstream and downstream into Buffalo Bayou.

Click or tap here to see a map of the reservoirs 

“This flood event will exceed the 2016 tax day flood elevations,” Zetterstrom said. “Structures will be impacted upstream from both locations; the number of structures affected will depend on weather conditions.”

Engineers are working with officials in Houston and Fort Bend counties coordinate which exact locations need to be evacuated.

The Army Core of Engineers has urged no one to evacuate during the night, there will be time to evacuate Monday when the sun comes up, but to get prepared tonight.

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