By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: How far could an elite Clowney and elite Watt carry the Texans with average QB play? Our friends Darren McKee and Wade Smith stop by, the Astros lose in extra innings, but there’s something encouraging about Mike reaction according to Seth. Which rookie QB situation from the past is similar to Deshaun Watson’s? Landry Likes, Seth translates rap lyrics and more.

Mike and Seth go through all of the scenarios regarding J.D. Clowney and JJ Watt in 2017 and how far an elite defense with those two could carry the 2017 Texans.

Landry Locker challenges Mike and Seth to name a rookie QB situation comparable to Deshaun Watsons and a listener gives a comparison that was right in front of our eyes. Plus, Landry sets Seth off again about Watson being thebackup.

What happens if the power goes out after your drop $100 on this weekend’s fight? Plus, there is a lot of monet being wagred on the fight, are people betting on Mayweather stealing money?

Seth Payne translates a Houston classic and a new hit in today’s version of Seth translates rap lyrics. Plus, Mike Meltser wins Worst Take Of The Week for a strange reason.

Our friend from Denver, Darren McKee, joins the show to discuss Denver’s shaky QB situation and why Brock Osweiler, despite his reputation in Houston and Cleveland, is beloved in Denver.

The Astros lost a tough one last night, but there is something positive going on with the best team in the AL. Plus, with the storm coming along with pre-show disagreements tensions are high on Mad Radio and Mike and Seth try to talk it out.

Mike and Seth react to two unlikely takes from NFL players on Colin Kaepernick’s protests. Leasean McCoy says Kaepernick isn’t worth the distraction and you decide what exactly Rob Gronkowski said.

Landry Locker goes through the stuff he likes from the week including college football coming, another food mixture and Tom Savage apparently being able to start a dynasty for the Texans.

Wade Smith joins the show to discuss the argument between Landry and Seth over Deshaun Watson, his satisfaction with the offensive line and more.


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