Paul opens the show declaring an all-out war against the state of Tennessee and insane Titans fans.

Following his declaration of war against Tennessee, Paul compiles a list of other teams/fans we should hate.

In the Nightly News: Some key players for the Astros are returning, quarterback drama in the NFL and more.

Paul adopts the role of Littlefinger from Game of Thrones and pits fellow station hosts against each other.

Paul presents two possible starting quarterback scenarios and asks which Texans fans would prefer.

Paul’s Texans scenario spins into a Tom Savage vs Deshaun Watson debate with caller input.

A strange arrest in the Middle East, an ESPN host gets arrested, Italy might be racist and more in the Late Night Snack.

Paul feels dumb for playing the Powerball, a Joker movie is in the works and more in the Last Call/I Learned Something.


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