Today on Mad Radio: The latest on the QB meter, Andre Ware says Deshaun Watson didn’t lose any ground, OBJ’s drama, DeAndre Hopkins continues to sit, Landry on what he heard about the Tiger pictures and a lot more.

Mike and Seth react to yesterday’s eclipse and the continued absence of DeAndre Hopkins from practice.

Mike and Seth react to the debate between Rich Lord and Ted Johnson over Duane Brown’s holdout and who won the debate. Plus, the guys discuss the double-standard some use when criticizing player holdouts.

Mad Radio reacts to Odell Beckham’s dramatic, scary moment last night and the drama going on in Indianapolis.

Mike and Seth discuss the latest pulse of the staff in regards to the Texans Week 1 starting quarterback and where everyone sits. Plus, why do college football coaches try so hard to act ignorant about anything that isn’t football?

Mike and Seth discuss the mishandling of the QB situation in Denver, the luck in Dallas and the different things that go into evaluating the most important position in sports.

Mike and Seth take a closer look at the Texans game against New England and what they saw when they took a second look at the game.

Mike Meltser has an alarming stat about the lack of explosive plays the Texans had in 2016. Plus, what will we be saying about the Texans in 2024 when the next eclipse takes place?

Mike and Seth ask Landry Locker what he “heard” about the leaked cell phone pictures of Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn that took over the internet last night.

Andre Ware joins Mad Radio to discuss John McClain and many fans’ belief that Deshaun Watson took a step back over the weekend. Ware loves what he saw from Savage, but doesn’t think Watson looked bad at all and the only way he did is if you only look at the box score and not the game itself.

Mike Meltser addresses the recent drama in the MLB surrounding the umpires and Seth goes OFF on anyone who spoils a TV show for their own sick enjoyment.


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