By Matt Hammond, SportsRadio 610By Matt Hammond

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) — Tennessee Titans hype seems to be all the rage heading into the 2017 NFL season.

Andre Johnson said he can see why.

Johnson, who finished his career last season in Tennessee, said he saw first-hand the makings of a team that has a chance to be special.

“They have a good team,” Johnson said. “But anything can happen. Just depends on how the year goes.”

Being bullish on the Titans seems to be in vogue.

USA Today projected 12 wins for them this season. Pro Football Focus wrote that they have the third best roster in the NFL.

Oddsmakers appear to be a bit more cautious. The Bovada sports book set the Titans an over/under win total at 8.5, same as the Texans.

Still, many fans and media believe this year will be the Titans year.

Does that surprise Johnson?

“Is it shocking to hear? No,” Johnson said. “Because they’ve won the division before. So it’s not shocking to hear. But they have a good football team.”


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