By Derek Fogel

Houston (SPORTSRADIO 610) – Running Back D’Onta Foreman turned some heads in the Texans 27-23 win over the Patriots. On the ground, he had a touchdown and 17 yards on 7 carries. More impressive though was his reception for 63 yards that took Houston into the red zone.

“Since we’ve gone to pads… Foreman has stood out. You know, that’s what he is. He’s a first and second down back that has decent hands, he can do some things in the passing game, so hopefully that continues,” Texans Head Coach Bill O’Brien said.

It is still unclear how much D’Onta will contribute to the offense. Running back Lamar Miller is coming off a 1,000 yard rushing season and has remained healthy so far through camp. Alfred Blue was second string last season and started in place of Miller a handful of times due to injury, but O’Brien sees a lot of potential in Foreman.

“It’s preseason, I don’t think we’re getting ready to fit him for a gold jacket just yet. But I think he’s a good player, a good young player that I think if he continues to work hard, and learn, and pay attention in the meetings, and do all the things that we’re asking him to do; Watch how Lamar prepares, watch how Alfred prepares, I mean I think he’s learning a lot from those guys… I think he’ll be a good player, but I think this is just one step along the way,” O’Brien said.