By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Deshaun Watson and Brady cross paths, Whitney Mercilus, Andre Hal and Tyler Ervin visit with Mike and Seth. Revisiting the interview with Peter King, Screw Em, Mike and Seth’s summary of the two days of practice with the Patriots and more.

This weeks’s nominees for Mad Radio Worst Take of the week feature all three members of the show. Landry Locker knows women, Mike’s anthem proposal and Seth says more women want Brady than Edelman.

Deshaun Watson and Tom Brady spent some time together yesterday after practice and both met with the media to describe their respect for one another. Plus, Seth Payne has recaptured his youth during his trip to Texans training camp.

One of the football minds Mad Radio respects the most says Tom Savage reminds him of Zach Mettenberger. Plus, Deshaun Watson’s biggest flaw coming into his rookie season appears to no longer be a flaw.

In Mike and Seth’s latest exclusive interview at Texans training camp the guys visit with Whitney Mercilus and discuss the Texans defense, his role on the defense and much more including whether or not he could beat up Conor McGregor.

Texans RB/WR Tyler Ervin visits with Mike and Seth after the conclusion of Day 2 of practice with the Patriots to discuss his versatility, what he does off the field and more.

Mad Radio revisits their visit with Peter King yesterday and his comments on Deshaun Watson, Bill O’Brien, Brock Osweiler and more.

Mike and Seth react to the two days of Texans practice against the World Champions and what they took from it. Plus, they give their reactions to their trip on the town in West Virginia.

Seth discusses some of the interesting discoveries he has made about Mike during their time in West Virginia and you WILL NOT believe some of the things Melts doesn’t know how to do.

A lot of people are concerned about the depth of the Texans secondary, but should they be? Mike and Seth visit with a member of the secondary, fourth-year safety Andre Hal.

Screw Em 8-17: Every Thursday at 9am, who and what are you mad at and why?


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