Today on Mad Radio: Exclusive interviews with JJ Watt, Peter King, Shane Lechler and Nick Martin. John McClain says Deshaun Watson could be the Week 1 starter, reactions from day one of practices with New England, Jose Altuve’s lack of MVP love compared to James Harden and much more.

Mad Radio visits with JJ Watt live from Texans training camp in West Virginia to discuss Deshaun Watson’s progress, practicing against the Patriots, how he’s feeling and more. Plus, JJ weighs in on the Mad Radio debate about Watt eventually becoming a billionaire.

Peter King of SI and the MMQB joins Mad Radio to talk about the Brock Osweiler disaster, Deshaun Watson’s destiny, the Ezekiel Elliot situation and more.

Texans center Nick Martin joins Mike Meltser and Seth Payne to discuss how hard it was to miss his rookie season in 2016, expectations in 2017 and more.

Always entertaining Texans punter Shane Lechler joins Mike Meltser and Seth Payne live from West Virginia to discuss his 18-year career, what four teammates he would take out for a night on the town, life after football and more.

Now that they’ve been at practice Mike and Seth discuss how they feel about the QB competition between Tom Savage and Deshaun Watson. Plus, we are 24 days away from Week 1 of the season against Jacksonville and the guys look at the current situation out there.

Landry Locker wants to know why Jose Altuve despite being more likable, underrpaid and less appreciated nationally doesn’t appear to get the same MVP campaign as JJ Watt and James Harden. Mike, Seth and Landry discuss.

Mike and Seth give their observations from West Virginia following Day 1 of the Texans joint practice with the New England Patriots including what they saw from Deshaun Watson and Tom Savage, the defense and the hated Patriots.

John McClain joins Mike Meltser and Seth Payne to discuss Deshaun Watson’s momentum up the depth chart, the toughest decisions the front office will have to make when cuts are made, his thoughts on the joint practice with New England and more.



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