Today on Mad Radio: LIVE from West Virginia at Houston Texans training camp as the New England Patriots arrive to practice with the Texans. Texans Brian Cushing, Jonathan Joseph and Kevin Johnson all join the show. Plus, the guys discuss their observations from their first day at camp, Michael Bennett’s anthem protest and more.

Veteran Texans linebacker Brian Cushing joins Mike Meltser and Seth Payne live from Texans training camp to discuss why he’s feeling as good as he ever has, some of the youth on the defense, the diffuculty of facing Tom Brady, how he feels about the 2017 Texans and more.

Texans CB Kevin Johnson joins Mike Meltser and Seth Payne live from Texans training camp to discuss his return from injury, bulking up in the offseason, practicing against the Patriots, how great this defense can be and more.

Mike Meltser and Seth Payne visit with Texans CB Jonathan Joseph to discuss his role as a veteran on one of the league’s best defenses, Romeo Crennel’s new role, Kevin Johnson’s progression and more.

Mike Meltser says that a concern that he had about Deshaun Watson no longer exists. Plus, are Texans fans at the point where they” be disappointed if Tom Savage is the Week 1 starter.

Mike and Seth discuss Leonard Furnette’s moronic statement about the speed of the NFL and Mike responds to Paul Gallant’s criticism of him and Astros fans.

Mad Radio discusses Michael Bennett’s recent protest during the national anthem in comparison to Colin Kaepernick’s and the public reaction of the two.

Devin Street might not make the Texans team, but he says that the QB room is the best he has ever been in despite the fact he has played with Dallas, New England and Indianapolis.


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