By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Mike and Seth have arrived in West Virginia for Texans training camp, the NFL’s handling of Ezekiel Elliot’s suspension, JJ Watt gets a surprise text, what to believe coming out of West Virginia and Dallas Keuchel sounds off on doubters.

Mad Radio has arrived in West Virginia at Texans training camp the same week the New England Patriots will be in town. Mike and Seth discuss what they want to see, what they expect to see and more.

Mike and Seth discuss the suspension of Cowboys running back Ezekiel and if they believe it’s being handled the right way by the NFL.

The Texans open the regular season in 26 days and Mad Radio discusses how things are shaping up at camp.

Dallas Keuchel got his first win since June 2nd to end the Astrosn season-long five-game losing streak and had some strong words for people doubting the Astros during their recent skid.

Mike and Seth discuss JJ Watt’s surprise text message from Kendrick Lamar and take a look at other stuff going on around the NFL.

The drug of choice in Houston might surprise you, but every Texans fan is high on it. Plus, Mike Meltser thinks something is seriously wrong with Brock Osweiler.


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