Do you ever wonder what happens to all those guys who have led the Houston Texans at some point? The quarterbacks that have been on the Texans roster have gone elsewhere to continue to play. So much so that they have the second most former quarterbacks on current NFL Rosters.

This is the list of the top six teams with former quarterbacks still getting paid to play in the NFL.

1. Cleveland Browns – 11
That is without Robert Griffin III or Johnny Manziel being in the NFL right now.

2. Houston Texans – 9
Can you name them all? If you can’t, here you go for a bar trivia question this weekend: Ryan Mallett (BAL), Brian Hoyer (SF), Ryan Fitzpatrick (TB), T.J. Yates (BUF), Matt Schaub (ATL), Brock Osweiler (CLE), Case Keenum (MIN), Dan Orlovsky (LAR), Kellen Clemens (LAC).

The crazier thing is that Mallett, Hoyer, and Osweiler are all currently listed as starters for their teams (Mallett because of injury to Joe Flacco).

2. Buffalo Bills – 9
Holding one of the former Texans players

4. Los Angeles Rams – 7
They traded a Case Keenum for a Dan Orlovsky.

4. New York Jets – 7
They might actually have seven quarterbacks on their roster who will be on other rosters next year.

4. San Francisco 49ers – 7
And they don’t have Colin Kaepernick to add to this list.

The Houston Texans are the most successful of these teams. They have been in the playoffs the last two years while all of these teams have picked high in the draft each of the last few years. (The 49ers have played in a Super Bowl as recently as 2013).

On the opposite side of the coin, every team has a former quarterback still in the league on a different team, but only three teams is that number at just one.

The Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers & Tennessee Titans.

There really isn’t anything that this translates to on the field, other than maybe keeping quarterbacks for a while is a good thing, but we just found it interesting. Off the field, it shows that if you get one contract as a quarterback in the NFL, you can bounce around and stay in the league for a while.


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