Today on Mad Radio: Previewing tonight’s Texans preseason opener, Bill O’Brien on tonight’s game, Ron Feinstein takes shots at the Texans, an interesting Deshaun Watson comparison, Kevin Johnson’s return to the field, John McClain says a contract extension is close for DeAndre Hopkins and more.

Mike and Seth discuss what they want to see tonight in the Texans preseason opener.

Marc Vandermeer visits with Bill O’Brien to preview the Texans preseason opener. Plus, Ron Feinstein, the evil brother of John, weighs in on O’Brien’s reputation and the Texans quarterback situation.

There have been a lot of Deshaun Watson compairsons from people in the national and local media, but Mad Radio has come across one that’s very interesting and not what you’d expect.

Mad Radio takes a look at Kevin Johnson’s return to the field and the rest of the Texans secondary. Plus, Seth is very intrigued by this season of Hard Knocks on HBO featuring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Dallas Keuchel, James Harden, Deshaun Watson or someone else? Which Houston athlete is most important when it comes to bringing a championship to Houston?

John McClain, brought to you by Horn Solutions, joins Mike and Seth en roue to Charlotte for the Texans preseason opener to discuss what we should expect to see and be watching. Plus,  McClain says he expects DeAndre Hopkins to get a new contract very, very soon.

Dallas Keuchel has allowed as many earned runs in his three starts since returning from the DL as he did the 11 starts before going to the DL. Is it time to panic?

Ron Feinstein, the evil brother of John, takes a shot at Bill O’Brien and the Texans QB situation in his latest CBS Sports Minuteish.

Mike and Seth discuss the Texans opener, Dallas Keuchel’s struggles and an MLB pitcher in the AL West being sold for #1.

8-9 Mad Takes: Letterman is back, screw the Patriots, D-Mo is heading to China and more.

8-9 MeltsDown: Mike Meltser and Seth Payne react to UCLA Quarterback Josh Rosen’s comments about football and education.


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