By Crystal Hessong

World Humanitarian Day comes from the United Nations as a way to honor those who serve others. This year, plan to devote some of your time to improve the plight of those less-fortunate in your community or around the world. Here are some great chances around Houston for you to give back to society.

Buffalo Bayou Partnership
The Water Works
105 Sabine St.smallsa
Houston, Texas 77007
(713) 752- 0314 ext. 206

Date: August 19, 2017 from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Help to make Buffalo Bayou’s waterway look better by picking up litter along the route. Meet at the Water Works and Sabine Street and be ready for three hours of working along the water. Bring your work gloves, but the Buffalo Bayou Partnership will provide any other needed tools. By keeping the bayou clean, you’re helping both the environment and those who use the bayou daily. For more information, check out the event page.

Society Of St. Vincent de Paul
6654 Gulf Freeway
Houston, Texas 77087
(713) 434-6588

Date: August 19 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Part of humanitarianism is helping other people, and you can do that the first and third Saturdays of the month with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Partnering with the Houston Food Bank, the Society hosts Food Fairs twice a month, but the group needs volunteers to help distribute the food. For more information on volunteering or learning more about the Food Fairs, check out the event’s page on Volunteer Houston.

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Medical Bridges
2706 Magnet St.
Houston, Texas 77054
(713) 748-8131 

Help people around the world meet their medical needs without leaving Houston. Most know that Houston has a world-class Medical Center, but there are people in other countries who do not have access to even basic medical supplies. By volunteering with Medical Bridges, you can help sort supplies before they get shipped to places in need. It’s a great way to work on your humanitarianism. Children over 15 are welcome, as long as they are accompanied by an adult. This need is ongoing, so sign up whenever you can. For more information, check out the volunteer page.

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CAN DO Houston
7524 Ave. E.
Houston, Texas 77012
(713) 563-2736

Humanitarian efforts start at home, and you can participate in World Humanitarian Day by volunteering with CAN DO Houston. This nonprofit helps to fight obesity while providing those in low-income areas with healthy food options. Several times a month, this group sponsors Food Fairs, which bring fresh produce to areas without access to grocery stores. Other volunteer opportunities include demonstrating healthy recipes in area corner stores and helping out with school gardens. You can help feel Houston’s families with healthier options. For more information, check out CAN DO Houston’s volunteer page. Volunteers are needed throughout the year.

The Lighthouse Of Houston
3602 West Dallas
Houston, Texas 77019
(713) 527-9561

One of the largest organizations serving those with visual impairments, The Lighthouse of Houston has a need for many volunteers. Working one-on-one with those in need is one of the most hands-on experiences you can have in your personal humanitarianism efforts. Ongoing volunteer opportunities include home visits and providing transportation for the visually impaired. Check out the volunteer page to register or for more information.