Who will start for the Houston Texans Week 1 against the Jacksonville Jaguars? It’s a question that the Houston Texans answer simply: Tom Savage. But, that answer might change at some point this pre-season. With Deshaun Watson drafted in the first round, the successor to the 4th year quarterback is already in house. We asked all of our jocks to put a number on who they think will start for the Texans in Week 1 of the regular season.

Each jock gave us their pick from 1-10 for either Watson or Savage based on who right now (August 7th) they think will start Week 1 of the regular season for the Texans. We figured out an average of their picks and that is who is favored to start.

Give us your pick on our Facebook Page and we’ll tabulate a fan thoughts Starting Quarterback-O-Meter.

Here are the results for August 7th (S=Savage – W=Watson)

Week Seth Mike Cody John Sean Rich Ted Paul AVG
Pre – 1 S6 S6 S4 W7 W2 W9 S7 S6 S1.35

Right now Tom Savage is slightly favored by our jocks to start Week 1 of the Texans regular season.  We’ll see where that number is for them after Wednesday’s Preseason opener against the Carolina Panthers.

UPDATE: We took your thoughts on Facebook and here is what the fans who voted said.  Only one person thinks Deshaun Watson will start week one for the Texans.


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