By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: JJ Watt will play, should he? DeAndre loves him some Savage, but did the media twist his words? Josh Norman and Deshaun Watson have something in common. Plus, Mike Meltser is really impressed with Sunday’s Astros win

You never know how Mike Meltser will react to an Astros win or loss, but he thinks Sunday’s win was big for this team. Plus, DeAndre Hopkins praises Tom Savage and the national media runs with it.

JJ Watt will be on the field Wednesday night in Carolina, but how much should we see him?

Mike Meltser had an unfamiliar hamburger experience over the weekend and Josh Norman sounds off the the ban of the Deshaun Watson celebration in the NFL.

Mike and Seth discuss Miami’s signing of Jay Cutler and how much they wanted to see him as an analyst. Plus, what, if anything, should be made of the admiration of Tom Savage from DeAndre Hopkins.

Mike and Seth react to Greg Cosell’s thoughts on Texans wide receiver Jaelen Strong and if this is the last opportunity Strong will have to make an impact for the Texans.

Mad Radio has fun with Seth’s cliche from the previous segment and Landry Locker compares him to Brock Osweiler. Plus, the guys wonder whoever got the Bud Adamn Tokyo statue following a Hall Of Fame tale from Jerry Jones.


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