By Sean Pendergast

Ok, we’ve got nearly a week’s worth of observations with my real eyeballs, so let’s finish out our Pendergast Sports Book series on the Texans’ preseason with a few final bets….

2nd STRING RUNNING BACK: D’Onta Foreman -400, Alfred Blue +250

It would be a gigantic disappointment if somehow Foreman were behind Blue on the depth chart heading into Week 1, especially because I’ve predicted multiple times that I think Foreman and Deshaun Watson will be the Texans’ starting backfield in Week 1 of 2018. I’m very anxious for Alfred Blue to hit free agency after this season, so that the rest of the league can validate that he is nothing more than a fringe roster guy and not this key backup cog the Texans have relied on for three seasons. (Of course, there’s always the chance the Texans could give him a four year, $30 million deal… I mean, HE REALLY HELPS ON SPECIAL TEAMS, GUYS.)

MAKES THE TEAM AT WIDE RECEIVER: Wendell Williams -176, Riley McCarron +150, DeAndrew White +300, Chris Thompson +500, Devin Street +500, Random Veteran Free Agent Not Currently On Team +250

Biggest Texans training camp myth, before Will Fuller got hurt — Jaelen Strong is fighting for his football life. No, he is not. Not because he’s come into camp looking any different than years past, but because the Texans have NO experienced wide receivers! And now with Fuller out for at least two months, it gets even dicier. How scary is the inexperience at the wide receiver position? Wendall Williams, undrafted a year ago and now with four career catches, just needs a decent camp and he’s probably the fourth WR behind Hopkins, Miller, and Strong. YIKES.

STARTING LEFT GUARD: Xavier Su’a-Filo -300, David Quessenberry +250

I am openly rooting for Quessenberry in this one, as is any human being with a heart. Su’a-Filo, like Blue, is someone I can’t wait to hit free agency so the league can comment on what a botched pick that was at number 33 overall a few years ago.

KICKER: Nick Novak -400, Ka’imi Fairbairn +320

If Novak is the leading scorer again this year, I will gouge my eyes out with a corkscrew. RED ZONE IMPROVEMENT, PLEASE.

What’s that? You want more starting QB talk? Ok, fine….. I’ll bite.

STARTING QB: Tom Savage -175, Deshaun Watson +125, Brandon Weeden +2000

Y’all happy?

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