I’ve made it pretty clear that I think the three scariest starting spots on the Houston Texans (scary for Texan fans, that is) are outside linebacker (not named Whitney), starting safety (not named Andre), and right tackle. The big difference between the defensive spots and the right tackle spot is that there’s enough talent surrounding whoever starts at OLB and SS to cover for most of their deficiencies (in theory).

But right tackle is a whole other deal. That position is an island. Sure you can help out the guy over there with a tight end or maybe a running back is chipping guys on that side, but ultimately your right tackle needs to win one on one battles. ESPECIALLY IF YOU PLAN TO START A ROOKIE QUARTERBACK.

So the Texans, counterintuitively perhaps, did very little to address the tackle position this offseason, and as a result, I plan on drinking a lot this season. A LOT. Let’s take a look at the odds on who will be the starter at right tackle opposite Duane Brown, assuming he is still alive…

KENDALL LAMM (3rd season) .. +125

He seems to be the one about whom those inside the building say “Hey, the coaches REALLY LIKE THIS GUY” a lot. To which my response is “Then how in the blue hell was he behind Chris Clark last season? Did you watch Chris Clark? Chris Clark was not good at American football!!!” To which they say “Trust me.” And I’m a sucker for “trust me.”

CHRIS CLARK (8th season) .. +200

Hey, it’s Clark! Supposedly, he was banged up last season, but we didn’t find that out until after the season was over. So we can possibly expect the slightly below average Clark for this season, as opposed to the turnstile he was at right tackle last year.

JULIEN DAVENPORT (Rookie) .. +250

I guess Davenport’s first name has a French pronunciation to it… and I’m very skeptical of football players with French pronunciations to their names.

BRENO GIOCAMINI (10th season) .. +400

I kind of like Giacomini, if for no other reason than, if he tears a defensive player’s knee, we can make all sorts of Sopranos jokes.

FIELD .. +200

Who knows?

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