By Matt Hammond, SportsRadio 610

WHITE SULFUR SPRINGS, WV (CBS HOUSTON) — By his own admission, JJ Watt is a recovering workout-a-holic.

He’s coming along, but the Houston Texans All-Pro defensive end said he’s happy to have coaches and doctors to keep him in check.

It’d be hard for him to do it himself.

“I they do a good job of doing that for me, because they know what would happen if I tried to pace myself,” Watt said. “But I think what I have done a better job of is listening to them. They’ve put a really good plan in place. They know exactly how they want to progress us towards the season.”

Watt, 28, was lost for the season after their Week 3 loss to the New England Patriots, when his surgically repaired back gave out on him. He’s since admitted that he may have pushed himself too much coming back from the first procedure, and that he needs to tone down his workouts.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned from earlier in my career is, I’m not gonna go out there and win a game on a Tuesday in the middle of training camp,” Watt said. “We’ve gotta win games on Sundays in September, October, November, December. So the biggest thing for me is getting ready for that first game of the season. They have a good plan in place. I’m just following the plan.”

That plan, the Texans hope, will give them a JJ Watt in 2017 that more closely resembles 2012, 2014 and 2015 than 2016.

Without Watt, the Texans defense did rank first in the NFL in yards allowed, but the numbers may be a bit misleading.

First, yards allowed is considered less indicative of overall performance than points allowed and defense-adjusted value over average (DVOA), where they ranked only 11th and ninth. Second, with Brock Osweiler throwing 16 interceptions, and the offense having 24 giveaways, it stands to reason that part of the defense’s stinginess with yards can be explained by short fields for opposing offenses.

Watt knows how important it is that he’s on the field, and stays there.

“(I’m just really focused on) the practice plan that we have in place,” Watt said. “Especially for training camp, stringing all these practices back to back, making sure we’re really smart about the rep count.”

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