Houston athletes have been stars both locally and nationally for a long time. With stardom, comes endorsements. We compiled the best commercials we could find from Houston athletes like Hakeem, Nolan, J.J., Altuve, and Lima Time.  Watch each one and then vote for the Best Houston Athlete Commercial below!


Nolan and Reid Ryan Advil: 

Altuve 5-Hour Energy:

Hakeem vs Shaq Taco Bell:

Hakeem VISA w/Scottie Pippen:

Arian Foster and Marshawn Lynch Madden Commercial:

Houston Texans, Scauab’s Waiting:

1998 Rockets Team Up featuring Rudy T, Clyde, Hakeem and Brent Price:

Hakeem Say No To Drugs:


Correa, Biggio HEB Teaching Moments:

Correa, Biggio HEB Signals:

Brock Osweiler and Vince HEB Thanksgiving:

The Best Of JJ Watt:

Osweiler, JJ Watt HEB commercial:

Deshaun Watson Beats commercial:

Jose Lima Casa Ole:

Yao Ming Check:



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