I don’t think I’ m breaking any new ground by saying that the Texans’ front seven on defense has a chance to be one of the most fearsome units in all of the NFL this season. With J.J. Watt returning from injury and Jadeveon Clowney with another season of self-actualization under his belt, this unit will be as fearsome as any in the league — a pack of crazed dogs for the new millennium!

However, every pack of dogs has a runt (I think), and if there is a runt position in the Texans front seven, it’s the outside linebacker position opposite Whitney Mercilus. Watt and Clowney are potential All-Pros, Mercilus is a possible Pro Bowler, inside linebackers Bernardrick McKinney and Brian Cushing are an acceptable combination of potential and reputation, and even nose tackle D.J. Reader is thought to be a sleeper of sorts.

But damn, that other outside linebacker position — in some ways, it’s a little disturbing that they’re just rolling with some of the names you’re about to read, and in another way, it’s a bit of a heat check. Either way, we could be talking about “missing John Simon” come the third week of the season or so.

Honestly, if there’s any solace in the roster of names below, it’s the fact that Simon was a Ravens practice squad guy when he was brought in a couple years ago, before he left for the Colts this past offseason, because there’s a whole lotta practice squad level stuff below:

BRENNAN SCARLETT (2nd year) … -500

The heavy, heavy favorite after an undrafted rookie year which saw him get on the field and contribute some. Best case scenario is that he gives you something in the realm of what Simon gave you.

ERIC LEE (2nd year, PS 2016) … +450

Flashed a little in training camp last season, enough to make the practice squad. Has made some plays again early on in this year’s camp.

TONY WASHINGTON (2nd season) … +600

Practice squad guy in 2015, and injured reserve in 2016. So at least he’s accumulated a nice nest egg for the future Washingtons in his family.

DAYON PRATT (Rookie) …. +2500

Didn’t take long to get to undrafted rookies, did it?

GIMEL PRESIDENT (Rookie) …. +4000

I want him to make the team just for the nickname possibilities and Trump drops that we can play on the show.

FIELD … +250

There’s a puncher’s chance that the Texans starting OLB is on another roster right.

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