By Sean Pendergast

Today there is no Texans practice, and Ted Johnson and I just arrived yesterday, so there is nothing that I can fake in the way of camp observations without being a complete and total liar (and I am honest, if nothing else), so I will give you, the SportsRadio 610 web audience, a rundown of some of our initial observations on the state of West Virgnia. Here we go….


  1. The landscape and mountains in this state are absolutely breathtaking, and thus far, any inkling of a “Deliverance” moment being imminent is completely overblown. West Virginia SEEMS really, really nice, up to and including the house that we are staying in, an AirBNB apartment attached to the gigantic house of a very nice West Virginia family.


Okay, now onto the parts of this trip that are more stereotypical West Virginia….


  1. In our time on the winding backroads of rural West Virginia, Ted and I drove by no fewer than three advertised tent revivals. Sadly, the revivals were not happening when we drove by, just tents set up with chairs and a pulpit, but we may have to swing by and Facebook Live one of them if it is happening on a weekday.


  1. Here is West Virginia’s answer to the Original Rib Tickler in Tomball….



…and here is a video of me using their high tech ordering system to order a pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw…



Here’s hoping that my dude John franchises this outlet, so we can have arguments about John’s Rundown BBQ Shack vs Whataburger on social media.


  1. So far the most interesting person we’ve met in West Virginia was the cashier at our local Kroger, a young lady in her early 20’s named Britny (yes, that’s how she spelled it) who was a real sweetheart with a bubbly personality and low key need for a good dental plan. When Ted and I told her we were from Houston, here’s how the conversation went:


BRITNY: Where y’all from?


TED: From Houston… ever been to Houston? (SEAN NOTE: Ted is solid with the pick up lines)


BRITNY: Yeah, one time… it was ok.


TED: Why just ok? What happened?


BRITNY: Well, I met this guy from Houston online, and we were seeing each other online, and finally he reached a point where he said he’d break up with me if I didn’t fly down to visit him…


(SEAN NOTE: This is where a sane person moves onto the next online relationship… not Britny)


BRITNY (continued): … so I flew down the next day. It was a big mistake. It turns out he was unemployed, so I had to pay to stay in a hotel all week. We ate at McDonald’s every meal, and he didn’t pay one time. I had to pay for him. Then, it turns out he stole my credit card, so when I got home, my bank called me to say there were $9,000 worth of charges on my card… so I didn’t have a real nice Houston experience…


SEAN: Yeah, you were basically in the worst sequel to “Supersize Me” ever.


Actual football thoughts coming later this week…


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