Houston (CBS Houston) – After being selected in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft, Tyler Ervin didn’t have the season that many wanted out of him. Now in his second season in the NFL, Ervin is determined to show his value in the league.

The Texans drafted Ervin with the 119th overall pick in the 2016 draft. The team envisioned that Ervin could be a jack of all trades; run the ball, catch it out of the backfield, line up in the slot and help on special teams.

Ervin, who battled injuries throughout the season, caught just three passes for 18 yards last year and had one carry on the season, a career long of three yards.

To his credit, Ervin did help the Texans in the return game. On his 27 punt returns he averaged nearly 10 yards a return, and of his 14 kick returns, he averaged just under 19 yards.

Still, the Texans hoped for more when drafting Ervin out of San Jose State, where he showed the versatility that the Texans liked. Maybe his versatility is a hindrance even. That he’s a jack of all, but a master of none. That he’s not bad in a lot of areas, but not quite good enough to see the field other than returning kicks.

“He was a guy that played in the backfield, he played as a receiver. He has good hands. He’s a very, very bright guy. He’s a hardworking guy. So there’s a lot of different things, and we’re still figuring out what we’re going to do with him.” Bill O’Brien said.

With a disappointing rookie season in the past, the Texans are looking at the 2017 season, and expect Ervin to contribute.

“He’s had a good spring and a good training camp so far,” O’Brien said. “He’s going to help our team.”

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