Houston (CBS Houston) – Will Fuller was the prize of the Texans’ 2016 draft class, and all things considered, he was good enough in his rookie season.

The knock on Fuller coming into the NFL was that his hands weren’t great, and that he would drop passes. The strengths for Fuller was that he had game changing speed. In Fuller’s first year in the league, he showed both.

Fuller finished the 2016 season with 47 catches, 635 yards and 2 touchdowns in his 14 games played. Not earth shattering numbers, but considering who was throwing the passes and the state of the offense last year, those are numbers you can live with from a guy playing in his first season.

Year two is often when receivers really make a jump in the NFL. Fuller can look in his own locker room as an example of that. DeAndre Hopkins caught 52 passes for 802 yards in his rookie year and then spiked to 76 catches for 1,210 yards in his second year. While it’s not realistic for Fuller to be a 1,000 yard receiver next year, it’s fair to say his numbers should be better in his sophomore year.

Who is throwing the ball around for the Texans is the suffocating storyline for the Texans in camp, but the guys catching the ball all can make things easier on the Texans QB whether it’s Tom Savage or Deshaun Watson. The Texans know what they’re going to get from Hopkins, and are optimistic that Fuller can also be a steady contributor.

“He’s (Fuller) had a good camp. He’s a really good route runner, comes to work every day. Again, a guy that’s a very studious guy, knows the playbook inside and out. Fun guy to coach.” Bill O’Brien said.

Now, you don’t get championships for ‘fun’ but O’Brien knows that better than anyone. Will Fuller drop some catchable balls this season? Yeah, he will. Will Fuller take the top of the defense this season? More than likely. Although, who is throwing him the football could be the biggest factor in Fuller’s sophomore season.