WHITE SULPHER SPRINGS (CBS HOUSTON) – Editor’s Note: Camp Confidential will feature daily news and notes throughout Texans training camp. John Lopez and Cody Stoots of In the Loop reporting. 

>>>Tom Savage and Deshaun Watson both had good and learning moments in camp. Savage missed some throws in some team drills. Watson missed some easy throws over the middle high and then hit some pass catchers behind them out of stride.

>>>Watson’s arm strength looked fine. That was a huge knock heading into the draft and didn’t appear to be a concern on day one of camp. He throws an absolutely beautiful spiral.

>>>J.J. Watt looks huge. He appeared a bit small at the end of the season on the Texans sidelines but my goodness his size and thickness has returned. He had some drills where he was doing some extreme torquing of his back with various offensive lineman and appeared to not miss a beat. He demolished Kendall Lamm in a linemen drill and gave veteran Breno Giacomini all he wanted in another rep.

>>>Jadeveon Clowney is fast. He took his last conditioning rep with some wide receivers and held his own. He battled Chris Clark to a stalemate in a one-on-one drill before a quick whistle ended the rep.

>>>Nick Martin was injured last year but looked on track to start the season as the team’s center. He battled fellow second-year player D.J. Reader to a tie in a drill. Martin will have to hold off last season’s starter Greg Mancz to be the team’s starting center.

>>>David Quesenberry. Freaking. Awesome. Dude is huge again and the weight is better distributed than before his cancer diagnosis. He hasn’t played football in a few years to the technical aspect may be a struggle but he seems to have remedied any sort of physical question marks. He will have every chance to make this team and then compete to start.

>>>With Duane Brown absent my starting offensive line would be Clark-Quessenberry-Martin-Mancz-Lamm from left to right. That’s just based off what I saw on ONE day and my expectations for these players in 2017. My guess is Xavier Su’a-Filo will have a chance to compete at guard when he gets a bit healthier. Jeff Allen would likely play a role if the Texans had to play tomorrow.

>>>Kevin Johnson had an amazing leaping pass breakup during teams.

>>>Jaelen Strong has a signature move. The Strong Snatch. He RIPS the ball out of the air near the sideline. Almost as if the QB’s know to hit him a little he snags it, tucks it, and turns for some yards.

>>>The weather was amazing. If it got over 80 that would surprise me. Talking with Lamar Miller after practice it didn’t even seem like he had worked that hard. Typically these players look like they’ve been in a pool. Today Miller mentioned he needed to go get an additional sweat on since the weather had been so nice. He also told In the Loop it allowed for football focus. DeAndre Hopkins agreed after practice: “I really didn’t sweat that much. You walk outside in Houston, you sweat automatically so it’s a complete [180] from Houston. I think it’s good for guys that aren’t acclimated and not used to that heat because when you’re in Houston, you’re thinking about surviving the heat, you’re thinking about doing things to survive the heat. Out here, it’s assignments, it’s football.”

>>>D’Onta Foreman has some nice burst in the running back drills. He isn’t nearly as thick as you would think as someone who has a tough and violent running style associated with him.

>>>Various position groups have instruments to simulate tackling including a very big donut and large ball the defensive lineman fought with for some drills. Nothing ground breaking but they look funny as grown men attacking these inanimate objects.

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