By Landry Locker

Mike and Seth discuss Carlos Correa’s injury, revisit the lack of concern that there was the day before and the evil brother of John Finestein, Ron, takes a shot at Mad Radio in his latest CBS Sports Minute.

 7-19 Headlines: Thumbs, Bombs, Lies And Parole Hearings with John McClain.
 Mike, Seth and John McClain go through the biggest Texans and NFL storylines heading into training camp including Duane Brown’s attendance, Deshaun Watson’s early grasp of the system and more.
 What three former players would John McClain take with him to a bachelor party in Las Vegas? This question and many more on display in today’s edition of Ask McClain Anything.
 Mike and Seth discuss if they are concerned about the Astros following the Correa news and Ron Finestein, the evil brother of John, makes another experience.
 Mike and Seth debate Meltser’s baseball comparison to Game Of Thrones.
 Mike Meltser’s childhood best friend joins the show to discuss why he thinks it’s difficult to hate Meltser and revisit some of the mistakes Mike has made in the past.
 Mike and Seth visit with Brian McTaggart for the latest on Carlos Correa, the trade deadline and more about the Astros.

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