By Landry Locker

Mike and Seth react to the news that broke yesterday when they went off the air about the Rockets being for sale and the Astros loss to the Mariners in 10 innings.

 Mike and Seth react to the sale of the Rockets and what went through their mind when they first heard the news.
 Mike and Seth react to JJ Watt’s encounter with the guys from Barstool Sports and what they think the national perception is of the Texans cornerstone.
 7-18 Headlines: Mike tries to pitch the Rockets, concerns for McCullers, Foreman facts, the Cowboys circus and strip club critiques.
 Mike and Seth react to Mike Vicks strange comments about what he needs to do to repair his image.
Mike and Seth run through what the people on the internet are saying following D'Onta Foreman's arrest in the most dangerous place on the internet, the Chron message board.



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