By Sean Pendergast

FINALLY! Our long national nightmare is over, or as they say in Westeros, THE LONG NIGHT is over! As of Sunday, we will no longer be living in a society lacking new episodes of Game of Thrones. The first episode of the first half of the final season airs on HBO at 8:00 p.m. Central Time, and to say that GoT fans are excited would be a massive understatement.

This is the longest that we’ve had to go without new episodes, with Season 6 calling it a wrap last spring, and the usual March-ish season premiere date for Season 7 being pushed into the summer because, well, WINTER IS COMING, and the producers of the show needed their usual filming spots to have wintery weather.


At any rate, here we are. It all starts back Sunday night. People prepare in different ways for these types of events. Some throw watch parties, some re-watch the first trailer a hundred or so times….

…. or the second trailer a thousand or so times….

…. or this recap rap ….

…. or enter death pools.

Or in my case, GAMBLE (which is really just my own self-made, slow death pool with one victim — my bank account.). Yes, you can GAMBLE on Game of Thrones! America is a great country! In this case, the wager at hand is “Who will sit on the Iron Throne to close out the series next year?”

Here are the odds, courtesy of Bovada, with random comments from me:

Cersei Lannister-300

A bit of a surprising prohibitive favorite, especially considering she ended Season 6 on the Iron Throne, but she no longer has the hassle of having to tend to her kids (they’re all dead), so that frees her up to do some creative thinking, I suppose.

Daenerys Targaryen+300

Now Dany is one of those rare cases where having kids actually makes mer MORE productive at her job — of course, her kids are all 10,000 pound, fire breathing dragons and her job is overthrowing the rulers of seven kingdoms. This seems like decent value, although sometimes when a play is a little too obvious… well, let’s just say, despite Dany having all them dragons, this looks like a sucker play.

Jon Snow+600

If I had to do a “safe play” (someone less than, say, 20/1) I’d take Jon, whose true maternity will soon be revealed (we think).

Petyr Baelish+1200

Tyrion Lannister+1200


Gendry has been as high as third on some odds boards. That’s almost in “script leak” territory! At any rate, it would be nice to know he’s not still rowing a boat somewhere in the middle of the Narrow Sea.

Bran Stark +2000

Benjen Stark+2000

The Night King+2000

An excellent nihilist pick — maybe, just maybe the message in the end is that grim death envelops us all and the whole world is a big nothing. That would be the South overrun by White Walkers. I like the value here.

Arya Stark+2000

Sansa Stark+2000

Sansa is becoming more manipulative and conniving with every season. We really have greta potential for a Triple Threat Cat Fight between the armies of Cersei, Dany, and Sansa at some point. (Also, speaking of Triple Threat, you can listen to the Triple Threat 2-6pm weekdays on Sports Radio 610!)

Euron Greyjoy+2000

Jamie Lannister+2200

Theon Greyjoy+5000

The ruler of the seven kingdoms doesn’t HAVE to have a penis, but they must have sexual organs. Sorry, Reek.

Davos Seaworth+6600


See “Greyjoy, Theon”.

Yara Greyjoy+6600

Samwell Tarly+10000

God no. Please no.

Jorah Mormont+10000

Lyanna Mormont+10000


Ellaria Sand+20000

Sandor Clegane +20000

Gregor Clegane+20000

Who isn’t hoping for a Mountain vs White Walker battle?! I’m pissed we never got to see the Mountain vs Wun Wun!!


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