By Landry Locker

On reports that Carmelo Anthony and Mike D”Antoni have squashed their alleged differences: “I don’t believe the making up part is true. You have to understand that is didn’t end badly with the Knicks, it started badly with the Knicks. Mike D’Antoni did not want Carmelo Anthony on the Knicks, D’Antoni did not want him. His style is seven seconds to shoot, not to dribble. You know, he basically didn’t coach him, didn’t want to coach him and was sulking ever since he showed up so it never could really work, but is’s gonna happen because Morey makes the decisions and Les Alexander makes the decisions, not Mike D’Antoni and Mike coming off a coach of the year, you mean he might actually have to coach?”

On Carmelo being hungry to repair his reputation around the league: “He needs to win. Ya know, his reputation is stained. Everybody looks at him funny as not a team player, a black hole. He definitely has to adapt to playing with guys who have the ball all the time, he’s used to doing it so now Carmelo is with two people who can do it, two people he respects and so he’s gonna have to tone it down and do things he probably never wanted to do, play a little defense and might even set a pick for someone.”

On Mike D’Antoni getting too much credit for James Harden’s 2016-17 season: “When you have a player that you can just give the ball to at certain times, at most important times, you don’t have to coach as much. It amuses me, I’m retired, I’m on the outside and I’m looking at it from a distance, but it amuses me that he was given so much credit for making Harden the point guard, designating him the point guard, when in fact he was the point guard the year before. How many more times can you handle the ball from one season to the next? Ya know, he was the point guard, they just didn’t call him that.”

On not being a big fan of Mike D’Antoni as a coach: “No, I’m not. I think he’s way overrated and I don’t like coaches who quit. Things are going bad, he didn’t get fired. Everybody says he got fired by the Knicks, he quit. He quit the Lakers and in truth he quit the Suns, he walked away with a year and I don’t know if you remember, but he almost went to Chicago, but they wouldn’t pick up that extra year and so that’s when Donnie Walsh took him instead of Mark Jackson. He was gonna hire Mark Jackson and then D’Antoni became available and Donnie Walsh went for that, but no, I’m not a big fan of his, no.”

On Chris Paul not having much team success and the potential problems fitting with Harden: “You know Chris Paul has taken his team nowhere worthwhile in all the greatness he has experienced, never taken his team past the second round. So he has to realize he has to do different things, he’ll adjust, he’s a smart guy. You know, everybody’s saying what a great move it is, get Carmelo what a great movie it would be. Everyone’s trying to emulate the Warriors, but if you’re going to emulate the Warriors you have the have the same type of people that will sacrifice and be smart. All the role players they (the Rockets) gave up, you can’t overlook that. I mean Patrick Beverley, I know Paul and he both made first team all defense, but Patrick Beverley was the kind of guy that would guard Harden’s guy, too. Will Paul do that? You know, he was not a superstar so he was willing to do those other things.”

Hear the entire podcast here:


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