J.J. Watt is an elite athlete, but his form of football is a lot different than the kind his girlfriend, Houston Dash’s Kealia Ohai, plays.  So J.J. and Gatorade took to the field in Houston with Albion Hurricanes FC girls youth team to see how he could do with a little soccer.

The video, which is an ad for Gatorade, shows J.J. working out with this youth team in the grueling 90-degree heat of Houston and the constant motion that is involved in soccer.   Watt shows a little bit of skill with his feet, but his best skill seemed to be in goal where he stopped some shots from the players where they would have to run a lap if he made the save, but he’d do 10 pushups if they scored.   One girl was able to put a shot from about 20-yards off the crossbar and in forcing J.J. to the ground.

J.J. does complain a lot about how hard it is to train for soccer.



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