By Garret Heinrich

The hot stove is heating up in Major League Baseball and this time of year everyone has ideas on who to trade and how to make their favorite team better. Houston Astros fan Allen H (Allen is a listener of SportsRadio 610 and has asked we don’t use his last name.) thinks that Alex Bregman, the Astros third baseman, should be someone the Astros consider trading to shore up their starting rotation. Bregman didn’t take kindly to Allen’s opinions and DM’d the fan on Twitter about the topic.

“You have zero clue about baseball lol 😂 oh my lord,” the DM said to Allen.

It seems that Bregman is upset about this tweet Allen sent out quote tweeting that Chris Sale is the first pitcher ever to have 170 Ks before the All-Star break.

Bregman was in the rumor mill this offseason as the top trade piece if the Astros wanted to get Chris Sale from the White Sox.  Chicago and Boston ended up making the deal and the Astros are still looking for a pitcher.

In the DMs Allen H brought up he was really trying to compliment Bregman by saying he’s worth more as an immediate impact player rather than prospects.

“Because I think Chris Sale would impact the Astros more than you in the year 2017,” Allen H responded to Bregman’s DM. “That’s an opinion many hold. Because I think Marwin should get more time at 3rd, with him being incredible at the plate this year? That i think you bring back more in a trade than the prospects do, for immediate impact starter, is actually a compliment to what type of player you will be in the future.”

“Are you really that bothered by opinion you direct message fans…pretty petty,” Allen finished.

Allen posted the screenshot on Twitter and Bregman cam back to the DMs to continue the conversation.

“We’ll see at the end of the year… Sweet screenshot clown … I forgot I shouldnt give flees on the nutsack of society the time of day. We maybe should trade you but frat boys don’t get traded.”

Allen H responded, “I’m the clown yet you’re a professional athlete sending DMs to fans because you don’t like their opinion?”

Bregman took one last shot before the conversation apparently ended.

“Just keep my name out of your mouth…and just watch the game…

Bregman is hitting .256 with 8 HR and 27 RBI in 84 games this year.  He hit .264 with 8 HRs in 49 games last year when he came up as a rookie.