There’s not much more to say about the Astros….but Mike and Landry give it a shot! They appear to have multiple MVP candidates.

The Astros have quite a few good players, and sooner or later they’ll have to pay them. Who could be the first to go?

Mike wonders about the Texans situation at the Safety position, and Landry has a beef with a CBS Sports Minute from yesterday.

Texans Radio’s own Marc Vandermeer joins Mike and Landry in studio. They get his thoughts on the Texans’ low ranking in a Pro Football Focus piece.

Landry’s claimed multiple times that Marc hates the Chris Paul move by the Rockets. Let’s hear Marc out for a second here…

Mike and Landry talk about how awesome the Astros are with Tim Cowlishaw from the Dallas Morning News and ESPN’s Around the Horn.


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