The Houston Astros are on a historic pace, for the franchise, through 84 games this team has won 57 games. Astros Manager A.J. Hinch told Mike Meltser and Landry Locker, filling in for Seth Payne, on Mad Radio on SportsRadio 610 on Wednesday that he has never been a part of a team quite as good as this incarnation of the Astros.

“I’ve been on some really good teams, really fun teams, I don’t think anyone of them can top this one at any level,” Hinch said. “It’s been a remarkable first few months. I’d like to press fast forward and get to the end, but I’d also like to slow things down and enjoy it because you never know when a team like this is going to be the same again.”

A big part of the Astros success has been shortstop Carlos Correa, who left Tuesday’s game with an injured thumb. Hinch said they are happy the x-rays were negative, but they’re going to make sure he’s good to go before getting back out there.

“I was happy we did the X-ray and everything seems to be okay,” Hinch told Mad Radio of Correa. “Even if he’s feeling okay, I might sit him a day just as a precaution.”

While Correa shouldn’t miss any extended time with his injury the Astros are still without their number one starter Dallas Keuchel is going on seven weeks on the disabled list with a neck issue and Hinch doesn’t quite know when he’ll be back starting for this team.

“We don’t need guys going out there that can’t do their part. Right now we are being very conservative with Dallas, and he’s being very diligent in his rehab,” Hinch said.

Listen to the full interview:


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