Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – The Houston Astros are sending five players to represent their team in the all-star game.

Starting pitchers, Dallas Keuchel and Lance McCullers got in through the player’s vote and, second basemen Jose Altuve, shortstop Carlos Correa, and outfielder George Springer all voted in by the fans.

“It never get’s old, you’re always going to feel happy about making the all-star game,” Jose Altuve said of making his fifth appearance in the game. “This one is better because I got four guys, so far with me.”

While Keuchel is injured and won’t pitch during the game, he is now a multi-time all-star with his second selection.

Joining the two will also be a trio of young first-time all-stars in McCullers, Springer, and Correa.

“It’s really special,” Carlos Correa said. “It’s obviously something you dream of since you’ve been a little kid, since you get drafted, since you sign a professional contract, so I get to share the field with these guys in the all-star game and it will be something we never forget.”

For McCullers, who grew up Flordia, this means a little more to him with the all-star game taking place in Miami, the home of his late friend starting pitcher Jose Fernandez.

“Jose (Fernandez) was a close friend of mine, he passed away,” Lance McCullers said. “Being able to go back will be special for me.”

This year, unlike all-star games before, home-field advantage in the World Series will not be decided by the league.

“You’re not going to out there and not play hard,” George Springer said of nothing being on the line during the game. “You’re going to go out there and enjoy the game, and have fun with it.”

While the game might not mean much, it’s still a showcase of the best players in the league and with the Astros having the best record in all of baseball, they’re not short of players that should be going as well.

“Honestly we should have more guys,” Dallas Keuchel said. “We have the best team in the American League, and if you look at it the last couple of year’s the best team’s are always represented with the most players, you see it in Football, you see it in Basketball, and I think some of the guys have been snubbed.”

Among the most notable of subs is Astros ace reliever Chris Devenski, he’s not a closer or even a set-up man, but he is the guy the team turns to when the team needs an out.

While Keuchel is hoping either Will Harris or Devenski will fill his spot, he finds Marwin Gonzalez the biggest snub on the team.

“He should have been voted in,” Keuchel said of Gonzelez’s snub. “I know there is nothing much we can do, but just to get it out there and talk about how good of a first half Marwin has had so far, speaks a lot to the amount of time and effort he’s put into being a quality ball player the last five-six years.”

McCullers also agreed with Keuchel and added Brian McCann to the list of Astros that should be joining them.

“To piggyback off of what Dallas said, I think Mac (Brian McCann) should be in this game too,” McCullers said. “When you think of an all-star, you think of people who impacted the team, and I don’t think anyone has impacted this team much more than Brian McCann.”

No Astros made the final vote, but through injuries and players pulling out the game there is still a chance the best team in baseball can add an another all-star or two.