The Matt Hammond Show, weekdays on SportsRadio610.comBy Matt Hammond

0:00 mark

Can Daryl Morey and the Rockets land Paul George?

Is Carlos Correa a victim of his own success?

26:00 mark

What does James Harden need to improve upon most?

Are we getting ahead of ourselves with Jadeveon Clowney?

52:55 mark

Does the Chris Paul trade put Mike D’Antoni on the hot seat?

Is Jeff Luhnow MLB’s Danny Ainge?

1:12:00 mark

Does the Chris Paul trade put the Rockets on the same level as the Warriors?

How good will Carlos Correa end up being for Astros?

The Matt Hammond Show is brought to you by:

mans best friend Can Daryl Morey Get The Rockets Paul George, Too?

Man’s Best Friend, for a well trained dog.

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