By Landry Locker

Mike and Seth open the show calling out Landry’s style, reacting to the Astros loss and a questionable decisionby Evan Gattis and touching on the turmoil in New York.

 Mike and Seth discuss the latest reports that James Harden is openly recruiting CP3 to Houston and discuss where their confidence level is that this could actually happen and not be a pipe dream.

 Mad Radio responds to John Lopez’s 24-hour challenge following the mockery of Lopez’s conspiracy theory Monday about Dallas Keuchel’s injury.

 Mike and Seth discuss Greg Bishop’s recent article on about the rise and fall of Vince Young.

 Mike and Seth discuss a recent display of national headline porn incolving John McEnroe and Serena Williams that has them both very annoyed.

John McClain joins Mad Radio for another edition of Ask McClain Anything, which leads to yet another discovery about The General that few people know.

 6-28 Mad Takes with John McClain

 Mike, Seth and John McClain are joined by Greg Bishop of and the MMQB to discuss his recent piece and visit on the rise and fall of Houston native Vince Young.

Astros starting pitcher Lance McCullers joins Mike and Seth to discuss his disgust with throwback uniforms, Dallas Keuchel's new hobby during his time off and more.


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