By Landry Locker

Mike and Seth discuss a somewhat entertaining Monday night despite the Astros being off in which NBA Awards were given out and more.

Mike and Seth discuss which NFL teams generate the largest audiences on the road and where the Texans rank among the other teams in the NFL.

6-27 Headlines: Astros 365 Days ago, Rockets Awards And The List Seth Hates

Are the Astros being cautious with Dallas Keuchel or is there more to the story? Mike and Seth discuss and mention a conspiracy theory that has been thrown out by John Lopez of In The Loop.

Many news organizations are guilty of reaching with their headlines especially this time of the year. Mike and Seth look at some of the national headlines and discuss which ones are reaches.
Mike and Seth react to Lavar Ball ‘s viral appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw last night and if they have Ball fatigue like many people.

Mike and Seth discuss John Lopez’s conspiracy/non-conspiracy about Dallas Keuchel’s DL stint and how they feel about it.

Mike and Seth discuss the current feelings Rockets fans have about James Harden and if the last couple months have changed his reputation.

6-27 Mad Takes


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