By Landry Locker

Mike and Seth discuss the Astros series win in Seattle over the weekend and all of the events including Martes emotions, bullpen success and Reddick’s success.

People in Minnesota are disputing the science project that Seth performed last week in the spirit of Michael Floyd’s Kombucha claim and the Vikings are even standing by their new wide receiver.

Mike and Seth discuss whether or not the success of the Astros will cause any apathy towards the Texans late in the season if they get off to a sluggish start.

6-26 Mad Headlines: Astros surpass their 2013 win total, NBA Rumblings and the NBA will announce the MVS 75 days after the end of the regular season.

In the spirit of Michael Jordan’s ceiling and roof comment Mike and Seth discuss the ceiling and roof for the 2017 Houston Texans.

The Astros are widely regarded as the best team in baseball, but Seth Payne refuses to say it, why?

Mike and Seth discuss Derek Carr, the one that got away to many in Houston, and his press conference following the agreement on his new contract that made him the highest paid QB in the NFL.

6-26 MeltsDown: Mike and Seth discuss media leaks and the very, very, very late NBA Awards tonight.

6-26 Mad Takes: Mayweather’s Reading, Clyde Drexler on Super Teams and more.

Mike and Seth play NFL Buy Or Sell which leads to a passionate prediction from Seth about the 2017 NFL season.


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