By Landry Locker

Mike and Seth discuss the Astros sweep in Oakland and the NBA Draft, which is an interesting watch, but boring for Rockets fans.

 Mike and Seth discuss what realistic expectations are for the Astros now that we have seen them win 50 games quicker than any team in the MLB.
 6-23 Headlines: Astros win and avoid a scare, the NBA Draft breaks the internet and the newest member of a rival team brags about being able to lay the wood at the age of 14.
Mike and Seth discuss people defending Brock Osweiler’s brief tenure in Houston and if they have a point or not.
Mike and Seth discuss Landry Locker’s Poll Question: Would you trade James Harden for one year of LeBron James?
 Comedian Brad Williams joins Mad Radio to discuss the life of a little person, his beef with Jose Altuve, Brock Osweiler and the difference between the political and sports mindset.
6-23 Worst Take Of The Week: The Closest Battle In Segment History
Wade Smith will be roasted by former teammates Arian Foster, Duane Brown and more and he joins Mad Radio to give the details during his weekly visit. Plus, Smith weighs in on social media backfiring with some athletes and more.

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