By Landry Locker

Seth begins the show with his Kambucha binge drinking to test Michael Floyd’s recent excuse for why he failed an alcohol test and the guys discuss the Astros win in Oakland last night.

 Seth visits with listeners about an old show topic, which causes Landry Locker to accuse him of being a meathead going through a mid-life crisis and the ghost of Josh Beard to appear.

 Seth tests his BAC after consuming three Kombuca drinks and the guys discuss Bill O’Brien’s in-dept description of his plans for the Texans offense.

 6-21 Headlines: Road Warriors, NBA Hair News And Trades Galore.

 Mike Meltser discusses his disgust over the Rockets coddling of James Harden this offseason and Seth looks at Patrick Beverley’s interesting, calculated approach to the offseason.

 Mike and Seth visit with Texans head coach Bill O’Brien in part three of their visit in which O’Brien says why it’s hard to coach Tom Brady, why he took over the offense and what Tom Savage and Deshaun Watson need to improve on.

Mike and Seth are joined by John McClain for another edition of Ask McClain Anything and along the way a worst take nominee emerges and John discusses where to find the hottest women across the country and in Houston.

Mike and Seth are talking about all of the action going on around the NBA, but Landry doesn't see why they aren't talking about the most interesting rumor, Kevin Durant's alleged sexual fetish. Landry also has the girl on to discuss the rumor.


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