By Landry Locker

Mike and Seth react to the Astros 4-1 win in Oakland and Derek Fisher being sent back down to the minors after the win.

 Mike and Seth discuss the strange One Year Aniversary celebration in Cleveland in which their GM quit and react to people around the NBA talking about the Rockets targeting Paul George.

 Mike and Seth react to Dan Pastorini’s comments on In The Loop in which he questioned the toughness of Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

Mike and Seth revisit his Worst Take of the week nominee and try to grasp what exactly goes on inside the mind of Mike.

 Mike took Seth’s advice on how to eliminate stress, but spent $12 while doing it. Plus, in the midst of the conversation a potential ITL topic emerges.

 In Part 2 of Mad Radio’s visit with Bill O’Brien a softer side of O’Brien is expressed as the Texans head coach discusses his coaching journey, his unique family life and the challenges that come with it and how he plans to change the Texans offense this year to avoid the recent struggles of the unit.

 6-20 Mad Takes: Has Mike Been Drunk Before During A Show?


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